Though I don´t know what this is all about

Running from A to C day in day out

So I´ve been thinking, what I´m gonna do

I think it´s time for a different view (I wanna)


Sail to the ocean, ridin´ the wind

The cool breeze in my hair and the sun on my skin

Stretch my feet in the water, toes in the sand

Until the sun sets down and then all over again

Comes to my mind it´s time to rearrange

The place I´m at because I need a change

I need to go where recreation lies

Pack up my stuff head for the southern skies (I wanna)



Lay myself down on the quiet beach

Rest in the shades underneath palm trees

The only trouble is, that I gotta

Get me some more of the Pina Colada



(Wohooo) When the sun sets down, with my friends around

(Wohooo) Till the morning time we´ll be feelin´ fine

(Wohooo) You know, you know

(Wohooo) You know, you know







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